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2016 phoenix anti-capitalist conference itinerary

This will continue to be updated with speaker info as available


Countering Fascist Organizing

Tactics discussion about using media and community building to oppose left and right wing fascism.

Alexander Reid Ross is a journalist and co-founding moderator of the Earth First! Newswire. His work has been featured in CounterPunch, The Ecologist, Defending Dissent, and the Cambridge University Strategic Initiative in Global Food Security. His anthology Grabbing Back: Essays Against the Global Land Grab (ft. Noam Chomsky, Vandana Shiva, Ahjamu Umi, etc.) is out through AK Press.


Liberation Medicine & Pragmatic Solidarity

 Building Radical Decommodified Health Infrastructure in Phoenix and Elsewhere

Jason Odhner is an RN, Street Medic and Health-Justice Activist who lives and works in the 602. He's also the Vice President of Phoenix Allies for Community Health, President of Sonoran Prevention Works, and Co-Founder of the Phoenix Urban Health Collective.


The Revolution Is Not Gonna Start Itself

Based on the idea that lifestyles determine whether or not we are living in revolutionary times. Is the revolution just the slackers’ apocalypse, a forever eclipsing horizon? If the banks and grocery stores close, do we go back the next day and demand they open back up? What does revolutionary living look like? Are people already living as revolutionaries but most of us are too absorbed in our personal lives to even notice? What things are considered revolutionary? Are any of those things happening in your area? If not, why not you?

Phil Freedom is the alias of Joey G, an active agent within multiple communities and scenes. He is the brain behind Mob Action, Foreign Policy Failures, and The Endless Seam sewing studio. He is a cultural anthropologist that favors worldwide subcultures and is now teaching Mathematics. He likes to do all kinds of random different shit which sometimes includes performance, dressing up, fooling people, public interaction, or whateverthefunk.


Graphic Activism

 Using Comics in our Organizing. Using examples of political comics dating back to the 1950s, we'll look at how comics are a powerful (and largely untapped) resource for education, community engagement, and mobilization.

Nicole Marie Burton is a co-founder of Ad Astra Comix, a Canadian publisher and promoter of comics with social justice themes.


Building Anarchist Infrastructure: Denver & Phoenix Panel Discussion

"Building Anarchist Infrastructure: Denver, Phoenix, and Beyond," will examine forms of anarchist infrastructure, and critically discuss their ability to create sustainable and long-term radical organizing efforts. Emphasis on developing anarchist praxis, along with critical discussion of the cultural and self-imposed limitations of organizing efforts.

Denver based anarchist and rapper Sole founded Anticon Records in 1998, the first collectively owned indie Hip-Hop label in the United States. Since then, Sole has played over a thousand shows throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Japan. His music has been featured in major media outlets such as Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, MTV, Huffington Post, Spin, Alternet, and many more. Sole has released eight full length studio albums and over a dozen mixtapes. In 2009, together with award winning visual artist, Ravi Zupa, he published The Pyre, an illustrated epic poem exploring empire, radical philosophy, anti-capitalism, and collapse. Throughout his career, Sole has been known as one to push the limits in terms of genre and content and is widely heralded as a pioneer of avant garde & experimental rap music. His latest albums present a thorough examination and celebration of resistance happening around the world. One of  his current projects is a podcast about radical philosophy, titled Solecast. Sole’s activism reaches beyond the studio and stage into his everyday life where he is deeply involved material and logistical support to many projects that engage directly in the class struggle.



Become the Media

Presentation will be on individuals becoming the media. Topics covered will include how to get started, common missteps, developing/honoring trust with your sources, and the differences between being a protester and a reporter.

Dennis Gilman has been carrying a camera since 2008.  He was instrumental in exposing evidence which led to the recall of former Senator Russell Pearce, made famous for racist and sexist legislation that he authored and sponsored. Gilman's footage and work with Cop Watch was used in the racial profiling trial of Sheriff Arpaio. His footage has also been used to help many activists falsely arrested at protests. Gilman resigned as a freelance videographer with Phoenix New Times last year to separate his work from corporate influence. He runs the website, and is always looking for people who want to become the media themselves.


Unbinding the Binary

 Non-Binary Experiences & Erasure. Prefaced by a brief overview of non-binary gender identities, this panel discussion will focus on the experiences and erasure of non-binary individuals in activism, academia, and the arts.

Vern Harner is a Master’s of Social Work student at Arizona State University. Their substantive interests are at the intersection of transgender and non-binary communities, systems of oppression, cultural competency, and queer research. As co-founder and co-chair of the research collaborative, InQUEERy, they have developed a research trajectory including efforts to examine the experience and service needs of gender minority individuals, as well as the lived-experience of providers practicing in queer spaces.

Joy Young is a performance and teaching spoken word artist who has gained national attention through slam poetry. Most notably, Joy’s work has been seen at the National Poetry Slam (2013, 2014), the Individual poetry Slam (2014, where they ranked in the top 25), Women of the World Poetry Slam (2015, where they ranked in the top 20), Everyday Feminism, and Button Poetry. Much of Joy's work centers on transgressing borders, real and imagined, and entering topics pertaining to social justice through personal narratives.

Jenni Vega is a queer, chicanx, spoken word poet and performer. Their work deals with one's journey to self love through cultural, social truth, and what they would like to think is morbid "humor".

Ejiria Walker is a queer POC femme activist. She is ingrained in several communities, including the body positive and sex positive communities. Ejiria is also a healthcare professional and a feminist mother.


Deconstructing the Stigma of Addiction in Radical Circles

The panel aims to break down what addiction is, and how it affects addicts/alcoholics. We will also discuss the counterproductive ways addicts are treated and the alienation they face in mainstream society, and in radical circles, as well as alternative methods to promote inclusivity for addicts.

Diverge! is a fledgling radical mental health collective aimed towards creating networks for neurodivergent people.

Mitchell Dünkelberger is a student activist and recovering drug addict. He has been a facilitator for Tempe Food Not Bombs food prep, and organized Student Collective for Justice, a radical activist club at ASU.

Kameron Fein is a member of Carpe Locus and organizer of Diverge! A fledgling radical mental health group. He is a recovering heroin addict with a little over 3 years sober.

Julien Witowski is a recovering drug addict, who strives for empowering the community. He participates in Tempe Food not Bombs, Phoenix ABC, and other mutual aid projects.


Border Militarization and Border Communities

Why do tribal governments often ignore the complaints of harassment by the border patrol? The answer is better understood by examining the control the federal government has over tribal governments through forced dependency. A look into the complex way the federal government has set tribal governments up to be their own agents. Overview of past, present, and potential law that impact indigenous people along the border as well as border communities— NAFTA, the Real ID Act, the Secure Fence Act, the Arizona Borderland Protection and Preservation Act. Also covering Border Patrol checkpoints, surveillance, harassment, and Operation Stonegarden.

Nellie is currently attending U of A and working towards an LLM. She received her J.D. with a certificate in indigenous law and policy from Michigan State University in 2014, where she was active in her local Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) and served as resource chair. She also served as Area 4 Regional Representative and Public Relations Director on the National NALSA e-board. She received her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University. Nellie grew up in Ajo, Arizona, where her family has lived for generations. Nellie became interested sociopolitical and human rights issues from her experiences growing up along the border. Nellie works towards raising awareness on border issues and protecting the rights of Tohono O’odham and all peoples along the border.

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