Carpe Locus Collective

Start Believing In Each Other

Who is Carpe Locus Collective?

Carpe Locus means "seize the opportunity." We are an anarchist collective based out of the Phoenix area, in occupied Arizona. Our goal is to connect people to resources and help foster the types of projects that further anarchism as a living, acting philosophy.  We believe that it is important to seek out voices and perspectives often excluded from a white male narrative that dominates most of our culture, including activist movements. We strive to work together with an open heart and the ability to self-analyze, grow and accept criticism from others. Collaborating and sharing perspectives strengthens our resistance. We can be reached at , found on facebook, or contacted through this website

The Sp(a)ce was an anarchist social center maintained by local volunteers and collective decision making. It was opened to help expand and support the radical resistance movements in Arizona by providing material resources, safe meeting places, and intentional community for learning together.

Core Values

  • safe spaces are created and defended when we are proactive and vigilant in preventing abuse within our communities. protect your community by reaching collective decisions about threats without involving the police or other outside forces.
  • recognizing that we live on stolen land on occupied O’odham territory, we stand in solidarity with anti-colonial movements and fight against attempts by capitalists and the middle class to hijack or erase the history of this land.
  • fight for the agency of all people to freely move and associate without borders, prisons or wage slavery.
  • demonstrate active resistance to the destruction of human life, cultural heritage and natural spaces. capitalism and the state commodify land, property and resources so they can deny them; take them back.
  • there is no human dignity without access to food, shelter, health care and education. build autonomous communities by working together for access to resources without the intervention of the state or saviors.
  • invite critical feedback, self-analyze and embrace mistakes as growth. encourage ideas that come from others, find ways to positively contribute, and share criticism in a way that it can be truly heard and received.
  • we reject the right of the state to decide what is, and what is not, legitimate protest. direct action gets the goods. don't be afraid to do something yourself when you think it will help. put energy into long-term impactful projects over brief symbolic gestures.
  • never compromise your own integrity for any person or idea. condemn those who use resistance movements to advance reactionary cultural agendas or their own social capital.
  • build solidarity in-person, by showing up and building relationships. speak up when nobody else is. step back when someone else needs to speak.
  • fight back against heteronormative and patriarchal systems of oppression by pushing back on gender role-typing in romantic and working relationships. encourage and educate on relationships that challenge heteronormativity and empower sexual expression, such as polyamory, BDSM relationships, and sex work.
  • carry consciousness of historical and systemic oppression of race, gender, sex, culture and ability and use that awareness to lift up and liberate others through action.
  • continue the historical fight against fascism and racism. do not allow racists or fascists to openly organize, assemble or terrorize our communities. while we do not condone outright aggression, we believe everyone has the right to self-defense.
  • defend the lives of animals that cannot defend themselves from the excesses and brutalities of capitalism.
  • find strength and community by recognizing the size and power of the working class united against capitalist class structure. don't forget your roots- put no one above anyone. an injury to one is an injury to all.

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