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This is not a definitive list of resistance projects in Arizona, nor are all of these projects inherently radical. Please contact us to let us know about projects that we missed or should form relationships with. We find solidarity with these groups and projects for various reasons, but mostly:

  • they present significant resistance to the powers of oppression, capitalism and colonialism
  • they provide much needed survival resources for marginalized folks
  • they are important pieces of a resistance movement, and are actively creating the infrastructure for others to follow them and do things better, more creatively, and more successfully. 

We only hope to do the same. 

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Indigenous Resistance

Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Anti-Fascism and Racism

Black Liberation

Queer and Trans Liberation

Opposition to Police

Prisoner Rights & Legal Justice

Resource Accessibility

Workers Rights

Environmental & Cultural Defense

Independent Media

North American Anarchism

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