Carpe Locus Collective

Start Believing In Each Other

Carpe Locus Collective is a small affinity group of anarchists working on community projects. We have lots of open projects for anyone to plug into, and are always open to new ideas and constructive feedback. We are also a registered 501(c)3 non-profit in Arizona, so we are available as a resource for community service hours.

These are some of the projects that Carpe Locus members have either founded or are closely involved with. There are also links on the Solidarity page to other radical projects around the Valley. Reach out and get involved!

The Phoenix Anarchist Black Cross was founded in mid-2014. They are prison abolitionists, which means their goal is to free all prisoners, not just political. They provide resources to those on the inside, and their families. They stand in solidarity with everyone unfortunate enough to have to experience the travesties of ‘justice’ systems around the world. They meet every month as a collective, and hold public educational events throughout the year. If you would like to get involved or lend resources, email them at, and add their facebook page.

The Jail Support hotline is (480) 388-2732, and is maintained by Phoenix ABC as a service to all local activists. We encourage organizers to distribute the number before any action where there may be any risk of arrest. The Jail Support hotline is answered 24 hours/day, and Phoenix ABC members track the arrests of activists, update their supporters, and ensure that there is a support team waiting for them when they are released.

Jessie Burlew was charged as an adult for the accidental death of the 43 year old man who was sexually exploiting her when she was 16. The support campaign has been raising awareness for Jessie's case, actively changing the tabloid media coverage, and fighting back against the many human rights issues with Jessie's case. Please check out the campaign on facebook and at and get involved!

Tempe Food Not Bombs was formed at the end of 2014, and serves healthy, homemade vegan and vegetarian food at Tempe Beach Park every Sunday. Tempe FNB meets for food prep every Saturday from 7-10pm at the Sp(a)ce. Everyone is invited to eat together at Tempe Beach Park every Sunday from 4pm-6pm.
Food Not Bombs can always use donations of vegetarian or vegan food, hygiene products, clothing, toiletries, and cash for hygiene kits. Come help out, donate, eat, share! If you're interested in getting involved, please contact them via their facebook page, or email them at

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The Phoenix Anti-Capitalist Conference is a yearly gathering of anarchists and radicals to network, discuss ideas, and learn about local projects. There is a strong emphasis on praxis. The Anti-Cap Conference is always free to attend, with hot vegan food provided. The conference occurs yearly in January/February. For information about getting involved with next year's conference, please email Carpe Locus at

Killed by Arizona Police tracks law enforcement killings within so-called Arizona. The purpose of this page is to consolidate information on police killings so that the data is readily accessible to the public. A website is being developed with an interactive map of killings, and all compiled data. If you would like to contribute to this project, send an email to or message the facebook page.

The Sp(a)ce was an anarchist social center at 1205 E Hubbell St, in occupied Phoenix, Arizona. It opened on May Day, 2015 to help provide a safe space for people who feel marginalized and foster resistance to systemic oppression. The Sp(a)ce strengthened ties within the activist community while providing resources and meeting space to organize. It was also a venue for local artists and bands, lending library, community kitchen, free store, neighborhood garden, and radical kid space. Shortly after opening, The Sp(a)ce was already alive with zines, screenprinting, music, art, skill sharing, and a giant skate ramp in the backyard. This was the biggest and most ambitious project that we had ever started.

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